The Gallery: Christmas of Yesteryear

Seeing as how all of my old albums are in storage in Chicago, the oldest of my photos date back to what I have in digital format.

For this week’s Gallery theme, “Christmas of Yesteryear”, I am only going back a few years…

This is Christmas, 2007. Pea was 1-1/2, and this was the magical year where she first really “got” Christmas;  Boo was 3-1/2, and was fully into it. He was already a full head taller (and change) than her, and just starting to boss her around – and she was already strong-willed enough to put him off…but generally, she was a smiling, happy little girl.

How stinkin’ cute was she, anyway? My goodness, she was still a baby – and that year, still a little freaked out by the guy in the big red suit. She liked the idea of him, mind you, but just don’t get too close, if you know what I mean.

Boo is pretty much the same wide-eyed boy, just taller, and with shorter hair, and a total pro at the Santa thing.

Crikey, even I look younger…poor me, blissfully unaware of the raging tantrums as strong wills collide and grey hairs are earned in the years to come. (And dang, I still have that sweater dress in my closet…note to self…purge…)

This really was a favorite age (although I’m sure I didn’t say that then – what did I know). What a joy to look back through these old photos.

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This entry is week 85 of The Gallery.


  1. Adorable then and adorable now…….

  2. Lovely photos x

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