Tooth Fairies

You’ve likely never seen a child more excited to have lost a tooth.

Pea was giddy – GIDDY, I tell you. This is a “Yay, the Tooth Fairy is coming” kind of moment.

She lost her tooth, as one does sometimes, while she was at school.

Well, lost isn’t exactly the word, since she pulled it out herself. One of her teachers asked her how it was faring, since it had been bleeding a bit and she had been fussing about it all morning.

She looked at her teacher, and said “SEE?” as she wobbled it backwards – paused –  and then simply yanked it out, depositing it in the aforementioned teacher’s hand. A teacher, I should mention, who doesn’t particularly like teeth (at least other people’s. Can’t say I blame her.) It had, I can honestly say, the LONGEST root I’ve ever seen on a baby tooth. *shudders*


 The Tooth Tairy came through her fairy door to collect Pea’s tooth and leave her one pound in her tooth fairy pillow. It’s complicated here.

(Because, for how much Pea tosses and turns, she could squish the Tooth Fairy. That would be bad.) This was all VERY exciting to my girl. Really, really exciting.)

And even more exciting? The other bottom front tooth is  loose, too.


Day 25 of giving thanks: I am thankful for the quality and quantity of orthodontists available in the US. Because both my kids have teensy-tiny baby teeth, relatively small mouths, and (hereditary) huge teeth coming in.



  1. So glad you found your fairy door. Dad needs to get busy with more doors for the Sikora families.

  2. I LOVE that first photos–the delight! And the second one is just pure happiness. The first few teeth lost are such sweetly magical times, aren’t they? I loved it.

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