Several trees will be killed this Christmas. I’m sure natural resources were wasted in the writing of this post, too. Sorry.

This year, as always, I am mailing out Christmas cards. I’m sure a few trees were felled in sacrifice.

No, it’s not very “green”. Yes, it is wasteful.

I apologize for making people feel guilty for throwing out the cards at the end of the holiday. (Trust me, I’m not offended.)

It does take up a tremendous amount of time (she types, shaking out a lingering hand cramp earned from addressing about 100 cards. By hand.)

And I don’t care.

There, i said it! This year, as in past years, I am sending out Christmas cards.


  1. I’m living 3,000+ miles away from friends and family. I’m disconnected from that life about as much as I could be. And sending cards keeps others in the loop with us, I suppose – no one wants to be forgotten…Not that I’m needy or anything. Hold me…
  2. I like cards. I tape them around the door, or clip them to a swag across the bookshelves. I see them, and am reminded of the blessing of friendship and the memories created with each of the senders. And it covers up the bookshelves, leaving me with less I actually NEED to dust.
  3. I don’t like eCards. I’m sorry – it’s a lovely idea, I appreciate the effort to go green…but it’s just not fun to squint at my laptop screen.
  4. As eConnected as I am – Twitter, Facebook, my iPhone, iPad, Mac – I still like a little old school snail mail. I think letter writing and card sending is almost a lost art. It’s fun to get something through the mail slot that isn’t a bill or and advert.
  5. I admit – I get caught up in the spirit of it: when I write cards, I put on a cheesy Christmas movie, pop some popcorn, drink some Baileys cocoa. I don’t see it as a chore if I drink enough if I start early enough.

Yes, this year I will be spending money on cards that people may or may not display for a few weeks and then throw away. It’s a tradition that makes me happy. And hey, at least I’m not writing a Christmas letter, too.

Oh, the Christmas letter….Now that is a waste of natural resources – very few people can craft an entertaining Christmas letter. Trust me, it’s not the time to drop the bomb about lost jobs, or how much of a freaking GENIUS your child is, even if they did discover the cure for cancer or halitosis, and unless you are our +70 year old friend Chuck, it’s not the time to announce health problems. (That’s what Facebook is for.)

So to my dear friends who have religiously sent eCards the past few years, I’m not begrudging you the choice or being critical of yours – it’s just not for me. Believe me, I’m happy for the thought and effort you’ve taken to put together the pictures of your family/house/dog.

But I’ll probably be printing it out on more dead trees and displaying it with my cards. So much for your green effort.

I’m a rebel that way.

* * * * *

Day 22 of Giving Thanks: I’m thankful for my friends and family, near and far, close and a bit out of touch.


  1. Despite the trash it creates, I must admit, I LOVE old school mail as well. I’m also encouraging my kids to keep this lost art going as well.

    As for it being not so enviro-friendly, one thing I do is save my cards from one year to the next, and then let my girls cut them up to use for gift tags or home made cards. I’m no David Suzuki, but it’s something, right?

  2. I don’t like e-cards either. It may be green but I look at it once and it’s gone. I love getting the kids or family picture in the mail and I too tape them up, around my entry way into the family room, where we can look at them and be reminded of the friends we can’t see every day.

    As for your card, I cut out the picture and hang it on the refrigerator until I get next year’s card. I love to see how the kids have changed and grown!

  3. I love getting Christmas cards, though lately I’ve been crap at sending them. This year though I’m definitely making an effort. I’m very green (ok, quite green) most of the year, I’m allowed Christmas dangit.

    • Yep, that’s kind of my argument, too: I drive a Hybrid, walk to town a lot, recycle, blah blah blah. We ARE allowed Christmas, dangit *pumps fist*

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