I’m glad to see that he’s paying attention.

This term, Boo’s class has been studying the Romans. I’ve been impressed with his enthusiasm for the topic, which extended to the Celts and their struggles against the Roman invasion. He’s learned quite a bit…

Watching a wound up Pea in the middle of a tantrum, Boo observed:

“Pea fights like a mad Celt, running around naked and throwing poo.”*

I think it’s fair to say that kids are like little sponges, but when I see a practical application of knowledge that they have gained , especially an the form of an analogy, if you will, it makes me darn proud.


Yes, it makes a mama proud.

For the analogy.

Not so much the poo-throwing* Celt** daughter.


**No poo throwing was actually observed. Thankfully.

**Ok, so Mel was playing a Scot….close enough, work with me people!










* * * * *

Day 21 of Giving Thanks: I am thankful for the excellent school my children attend and for the enthusiasm of their teachers.







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