I Wonder… (I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder….)

My mind has been wandering today.

And wondering…

I wonder…

…if I will EVER cross the street here without thinking “Right-Left-Right” (despite the fact that I don’t need to remind myself that the cars are on the opposite side of the road anymore);

…if, before we return to the US,  I will stop converting prices from pounds into dollars in my head when I shop…

….if I will EVER learn to properly pronounce the Welsh “ll” sound without sounding like a cat choking on a hairball (I have to say those town names really, really quickly, or have my son say it for me);

…how long it will take Boo to lose his English accent when we eventually move home.

I wonder…

…if I will figure out how to work on my laptop with my pup’s head on the touchpad (I don’t have the heart to move her…)

…if I will EVER lose those last 9 pounds (she ponders, munching on a Quality Street);

…what the HELL the designer was thinking when they brought back THIS little number. The only way to make a pair of pleated, baggy (you know darn well they are high-waisted) jeans – with suspenders any worse would be to acid wash them…

Seriously? The ’80s just called, and said even they don’t need these back.

I also wonder if I owned a pair of these in ’83. I’m afraid to admit that I  might have.

And that I thought they rocked. *face palm*

I wonder…..

…if I will ever walk into a room full of people and not worry about tripping…or stammering…or totally choking up on an appetizer with nerves…and if I’ll stop beating myself up about it when I do. Because, you know, I’m kind of really a klutz.

…if I am setting my kids up for YEARS of therapy. Years, I tell you…

if seeing Judd NELSON play Santa Claus in a Christmas film means that I am getting REALLY old. It was slightly disturbing to see him try to pull of “doddering Santa”. And a bit creepy.

From this…. to this….

Never mind…question answered….I’m officially old.

I wonder…

…if I drank too much coffee today, too.

* * * * *

Day 20 of Giving Thanks: I am thankful for caffeine to fuel my mornings and my late night writing sessions.


  1. This post is awesome!
    Now, a few comments:
    What the holy crapola is up with those pants??
    When I read your first point my mind got stuck on a loop of “left, right, left” even though I know you live in opposite land, that’s how deeply ingrained driver’s ed is.
    When I saw the picture I thought, Gosh, he’s hot, he kind of looks familiar…. and then I realized he looked familiar from the Breakfast Club and the dvd cover is just too sad for words.

    • Aren’t the pants painful? I didn’t want to hold them up too high, lest someone think I liked them…although, if a friend were with me, I’d totally take them into the changing room and get a few modeled shots.

      As for poor Judd…when I saw him, I thought “oh, maybe they meant Judd Hirsch? Judd Nelson is youn….oh, crap.” If you think the cover is sad, his Santa was tragic.

  2. We all catch ourselves wondering random things from time to time, don’t we? I wonder if the ONE time I run that red light at 3 in the morning I’ll get a ticket? Or that ONE time I don’t check behind the shower curtain in the bathroom someone is actually hiding there. I wonder about a lot of weird things!

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