Yes, I forgot to post my daily thanks, but I’m not ungrateful (much) and other stuff

The problem with not posting every day is that I forget to list the things that I’m thankful for. It doesn’t mean that I’m not thankful, I just couldn’t be bothered to post didn’t want to drown my 6 subscribers in blog posts. It was brought to my attention that I missed a few days, so please allow me to backtrack…

On day 15 of Giving Thanks: I was thankful for the opportunity to volunteer at my children’s school. I’m a reading fanatic, and the opportunity to work with such a fantastic class – it’s not often you hear “oh please, just one more page” when you’re doing individual or guided reading with a student(s).

On day 16 of Giving Thanks: I was thankful for the gentleness and excellent manner of the local Optometrist, who made short work of relaxing my very nervous boy during his first eye appointment.

*Which did result in the determination that he needs glasses. But that’s another post. *sniff*

Since someone was SO helpful to me, I thought I’d pay it forward. Here’s what I learned this week on the web:

For my American peeps, Iris wrote A Thanksgiving Etiquette Refresher over at In the Powder Room.

Michelle at The American Resident wrote a great post about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), for which participants blog every single day of the month, and what it taught her about blogging – which, incidentally, was kind of the same realiztion I had come to – more of a quality over quantity perspective. Just a perspective, mind you, as the quality of some of my posts is still questionable.

Little Lily at Bedtimes are for Suckers wrote a rather timely piece titled: 10 Reasons I’m thankful My Parents are Morons This Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving just a passing thought here this year, it was a delight to read.

Jill at Scary Mommy taught me that people are kind, and that giving is a blessing all its own.

Jenny at Jenny on the Spot posted a vlog in which she (through clouds of powdered milk) demonstrates how to make home made hot cocoa.  It reminded me that MY mom has a similar recipe, and made me laugh. My next grocery trip will have me picking up supplies….

* * * * *

And lest I forget again, on Day 23 of Giving Thanks, I’m thankful for my readers. This year, I’m giving you all a lovely fruitcake*.

*not really


  1. It is perfect for you, with your love of reading, literature, and kids to share reading with 5th graders at Hay School.

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