It’s Monday. Let’s find something to be thankful for. Before I get too crabby.

The plumber finally came, fixed the radiator – kind of – and left, saying “I’ll bring the parts for those broken faucets…next week.”

The kids bickered. All. Afternoon.

The scale showed a weight gain this morning.

The dog threw up her dinner.

My husband went to bed – at 8:15 – with a headache, I’m staring down another massive pile of laundry to fold, and frankly, I’m feeling a little crabby.

Clearly, it’s Monday.

Wait – that sounds pessimistic. That won’t do.

I need to dig – deep – to find gratitude.

  • I have a working furnace to provide heat, and a roof over my head.
  • I have a lovely, snuggly pup and food to feed her. (And obviously, food to feed me.)
  • I have clothes to keep my family warm. They’re a little wrinkled.
  • I have a wonderful husband, and….Advil.
  • Lots of Advil.

It’s easy write about the negative. The negative can be funny. Ok, let’s face it – it’s how I cope with the negative – I make myself look at it from a different standpoint, twist it, poke fun at it, and laugh at it, or myself.

In real life, I’m not that whiny, a complainer. I might be a “glass half empty” kind of girl, but I’m working on it; after all, there is so much negative out there, so much (bullying, peer pressure) for our kids to fight against.

I need to instill in them a positive outlook, self confidence, strength.

Surround them with positive ideas and people.

It’s not easy. But I have hope.

After all, the dog ran to and then pawed at the door to be let outside to hoark up her dinner. Twice. That’s amazing, frankly; she could have stayed where she was my kids do. And as she brought me her ball to toss afterwards, I’m thinking she’ll be fine.

So at the end of the day, I am grateful that the dog didn’t throw up on my sofa



  1. Positive get easier when all the kids move out, but then you miss finger prints on your newly washed windows, crumbs under the couch cushions and mystery foods tucked under the rug beneath the table. Good luck with your head start on finding the positive.

    • Ha! I’m sure my mom would differ, although she is a professional worrier. We joke that I should have not a care in the world, as my mom, bless her, does all my worrying for me, long distance.

      Huh. Guess it’s genetic…

  2. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I hope your Tuesday is better. BTW, I was so excited when my two year-old puked in a bowl(instead of her bed), I almost peed my pants. Now that would’ve been messy!

  3. Good dog! Knows when momma’s had enough!

    • I was pretty amazed. The second time, as I was fumbling to get the back door unlocked (ours need keys on the inside) she was hovered over the Hubs shoe. I shrieked “not Daddy’s shoe!!!” and she turned and blew the other direction.

  4. I just laugh when I read these posts…because I don’t see you that way. I see a mom who is organized, mostly in control (which is all you can ask for), with well behaved and happy kids. It’s only you that sees the side of you that is unorganized, messy, and a mom who can’t keep her control. If you didn’t tell us we would never know! But it is good to know you are human.

  5. Jenn! I’m so sorry you had a case of the Mondays. I hope Tuesday is better. I always watch this YouTube video when I need some positivity! Hope it helps 🙂

    “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” –


  6. One other thing…if my scale showed 135 pounds I would be doing cartwheels!

  7. I agree with Kristy!!

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