Moments in Bad Parenting

Yes, this weekend I had yet another moment in bad parenting.

It wasn’t my first.

Sadly, despite best efforts, it likely won’t be my last.

I know I’m not alone.

We’ve all had our moments. Mine started when my children were babes – I had such a hard time getting them to sleep at night. I spent many a night with them asleep in my arms, in the rocker-recliner in the nursery, weeping because they would wake up as I tried to lay them in their cribs. Over, and over again…so not a zen memory.

This shouldn’t make me laugh. This IS in bad taste. I should be looking for inner peace, and avoiding negativity. But it’s darn funny.

So, forgive me the bad language (you can move along if you can’t abide the word f*ck), but I present you one of the BEST children’s story books NOT meant to for a child, read by Samuel L. Jackson.

*you can fast forward to the 50 second mark if you don’t want to hear the introduction*

Because we ALL have been there.


Note: If  you liked this, you could torture your children with read your children “All My Friends Are Dead” and “Monsters Eat Whiny Children“.

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