Day 10 of Giving Thanks: My Children’s Imaginations

Today, I am thankful for the wonderful, colorful, wacky and creative imaginations of my children.

Reading their words, looking at their drawings, listening to their made-up songs (whether sung off-key in lovely tune), or watching Pea dance around the garden (with or without a stuffed animal/princess dress/fairy wings) lifts my spirits, and reminds me of the joy of childhood.

Pea wrote this story (and I’m just waiting for her to ask when she gets HER own blog. I dread the day, as I have some idea how it might go – likely somewhere along the lines of this. Let’s not go there, ‘kay?) She wrote it all on her own, popping in a few times for help with spelling on the bigger words.

I think it’s really sweet.

And it made my heart melt.


  1. You can never doubt the education the kids are getting there. Don’t know any other 5 year old that could write a story like that. Of course there had to be a princess in it.

  2. Our Princess truly does love her Mama. I like that she thought up the story, and then WROTE it, and she is FIVE!! Step aside, Sam!

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