Looking Back, in Thanks (Part 1)

So, November is upon us, and for my American friends, Thanksgiving Day will be one of the high points of the month: family gathered together, laughing, eating turkey and pumpkin pie, crashing on the sofa in a food coma and watching football.

Not so much here. After cooking a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings on my first Thanksgiving here, only to have the (then) three-year old say “I don’t like turkey”, leaving the three of us to eat all the dishes prepared – that’s a lot of green bean casserole, folks. And since the Thursday that Thanksgiving falls on is a normal working day here, it tends to be anticlimactic, especially having that turkey on the weekend.

Because of this, last year I declared we’d be taking a pass on the annual festivities. It’s simply not the same for me here.

However, the idea of giving thanks is one that I do think is important. Many of my friends and family have been sharing their daily thanks online, an idea that I liked, but haven’t managed to organize myself to do. (Kind of the same with the clean laundry sitting on the floor next to me.) I wrote those posts in my head….

What, that doesn’t help you? (Thank goodness, it’s messy in there.)

Here they are, short and sweet, with a promise to do a daily post of thanksgiving for the rest of the month…

I am thankful…..


for my husband. He is my best friend, my love, my soul mate, and without him I wouldn’t have my two lovely children OR be living this new adventure in the UK.

for my lovely children, as they keep me young, let me see the wonder in the ordinary and show me what is truly important in life

for my lovely family – far away, but near at heart

for today’s technology – as trite as it may seem – because Skype allows me to SEE my family when I talk to them, which means a lot (and to talk unfettered by the fear of running up a ginormous telephone bill) and for Facebook, which has allowed me to stay in touch with my friends back home and to keep up more easily with extended family.

to spend time with my sweet girl. After her ballet and tap classes, we always go to Talgarth Mill Cafe for a lunch together – a weekly date to just hang out, undistracted. Since my very fussy eater absolutely loves the miller’s lunch plate there, it is also a joy to see her really enjoy a meal – and to enjoy one without any fussing or complaint.

for time together as a family. We’re always so BUSY, weekend mornings mean football and ballet and tap, in different directions, and catching up with things around the house, and we don’t always do things together. Both kidlings like to do things with Daddy, especially, and we often see frustrations mount when one wants to monopolize the time he has – so it is really lovely when all four of us can get together and everyone can enjoy each other’s company completely.

for healthy food and clean water.  Checking in at my weekly WeightWatchers meeting, I was thrilled to have lost another half-pound (baby steps, my friends). Driving home afterwards, I realized that, while I struggle to lose, there are so many other people who are lacking in healthy food and clean water, fighting starvation, and that while I’m not happy with the few remaining extra pounds I’m still carrying, it’s better than the alternative.

And that brings us up to today…but that is another post.

What are you thankful for today?

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