The Gallery: The Letter “T”

The theme for this week’s Gallery is “The Letter T”.

And of course, the very first thing that came to mind (mostly because I tripped over a bunch in the playroom) is Boo’s greatest love, which is:

TRACTORS  (both the real ones and the toy ones. I tripped over the toy ones. The real ones would get the carpet too dirty.)


He says that when he grows up, he is going to farm back in the US (either at Uncle Bob’s farm, or helping on the Hubs’ cousin’s farm in Massachusetts, guess we’d better break the news to them) half the year, and the other half here in Wales.

He will stop whatever he is doing if he sees a tractor in a nearby field and run to watch it. I have seen him jump on the trampoline to get a better view over the hedgerows. Honestly.

While he loves all kinds of tractors, he bleeds John Deere green. He can probably name every tractor (and implement) in the catalog or in the field.


Yes, even his birthday cake this year was a tractor. (Yes, it’s a tractor. Be nice.)

His closet is full of John Deere t-shirts and sweatshirts.

He has a tractor mural on the wall above his bed (across from his rock and roll posters).

He’s basically a John Deere poster child, and we don’t even farm.


This week’s post was brought to you by the letter “T”.


  1. And more green coming this year. Go John Deere……..for both Sam and cousin Max

  2. This is incredible! If John Deer only knew about him they would send him a brand new tractor and make him their new spokes person.

    Uncle Bob better be careful or he won’t just be working on the farm but he will be owning it. Adorable!

    • I think Uncle Bob’s farm will remain safely in his family line…but I think we’re making a fair contribution to John Deere’s bottom line this Christmas!

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