When Pea comes home from school, the first thing she does is change out of her school uniform.

There is no question as to whether or not she will change clothes, but one of what she should put on. This may possibly drive her to tears of frustration, so wrought with indecision or lack of appropriately colored accessories. (At last notice, she needs a blue crown/tiara to go with the Cinderella dress. She NEEDS it.)


Yesterday, she thought she should wear a tutu.  Into the armoire she went (yes, I have a small canvas armoire to keep the dressing-up clothes tidy). Out came…

Her halloween tutu.

And the matching (crumpled) witches hat.

For which she needed a shirt. Preferably a black one. (This? From the queen of pinky-purple?)

With a flash of brilliance, I remembered a t-shirt that I had found in with the Halloween clothing on my last trip to the States. My mom and I thought it was clever, given the dual meaning of the word. What I hadn’t considered is how very British she has become.

So British, that she wouldn’t catch this.

Get it? Mummy??? MUMMY???



My Midwestern born and bred peanut looked at the shirt and said “OOOOHHH, it matches…but it’s not a Halloween shirt, Mummy.”

I think it is official.

She has been assimilated.

She does sounds cute with her little (half-British/half-American) accent, and I do prefer the phrase “It’s not very nice” as opposed to “It’s gross” when it comes to a new dish I put in front of her at suppertime, so I let it slide.

However – it is all the more reason to keep saying “ToMAYto” and “Gar-AHje” (not “GARE-e”). Oh, and I will keep walking on the SIDEWALK and parking my car in the PARKING LOT, much to the dismay of my (self-titled) half-American, half-Welsh son. But that is another story.

And I think, out of spite, I’m going back to calling that noon mean “Lunch” and the evening meal “Dinner”.  As it is, we have to figure out what the kidlings are going to do with the extra “u’s” and “s vs z” spelling differences when we move back, eventually, since we have a few more years here and they’ll become even more ingrained to UK spellings and lingo.

But she can keep on loving her Mummy.


  1. Think that was one of the best buys of the trip. Mom

  2. One gorgeous girl in a great combination of parts for her outfit. The hat is my favorite.

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