Rainy Days: too much tv, and one interesting conversation

We woke up to a very gloomy, overcast sky with rain in the forecast. While Sam seemed more like his old self this morning, I kept him home from school just in case the bug he picked up wasn’t done with him.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a day of model parenting! They both watched way too much TV. Ordinarily, we’d put on raincoats and rainboots (big hits in the Belden household) and go outside to splash in puddles; today, I didn’t think it was a good idea to send Mr. Sickly outside. And, tired from being up with both kids the past two nights, I didn’t have much energy to fight them.

I did manage to distract Maddie for a while, decorating some care packages for my adopted soldiers. I hope my Marine has a sense of humor, as Maddie covered his package with Disney Princess stickers. Wait, make that SPARKLY, irridescent princess stickers. That lasted for about as long as the remainder of the pack of 100 stickers did. (So you can imagine the ribbing he will get….)

However, she heard the strains of Curious George, and that was that. Nothing holds up against that monkey!

Sam and I did manage to read some books, and had a very serious discussion about why he doesn’t want to eat healthy food. (Friday’s topic at preschool was about healthy foods. Apparently a major part of the conversation was about NOT eating candy.) Now, candy does not play a big part of my kids’ diet – aside from Fruit Snacks, and the rare DumDum sucker, they just don’t get any. So why Sam thought that he would never get fruit snacks again is beyond me. He was very upset about the whole thing after school

Then again, what a preschooler absorbs can be very different from what is said, as demonstrated by one of Sam’s classmates last year. She told her mom “Pastor Kevin said the most important thing about Christmas is presents”. Pretty disturbing, needless to say, coming from the youth minister. However, upon further discussion with Pastor Kevin later that week, it was discovered that what he actually said was “The most important thing about Christmas is the presence of Jesus.” Presents/presence – kids do hear what is important to them, don’t they?

Then again, as adults, we sometimes only hear what we want to hear, too….

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