Put a Ring on It

I love weddings. And it is guaranteed that I WILL cry at them. (I cry at baptisms, too.)

True, weddings are a very emotional time for everyone….for the parents of the bride footing the bill, for the mother of the groom losing her BABY, and okay, sure, for the groom, too, but let’s face it:

It’s the bride’s show.

Months of planning. Meticulous planning, and lists, oh lovely lists….Years of dreaming of this day…oh, don’t tell me you didn’t even a little bit. I remember playing bride with my friend Katie, wearing her mom’s slips on our heads.

And to be honest, I wasn’t a *young bride*. After my 30th birthday, I did wonder if this day would ever come.

(I know my mother did!) But even though she was optimistic about this day coming, I found it hard to have the same enthusiasm, especially when you go through the phase of attending all of your friend’s weddings. There is nothing else in this world that I wanted more than being able to experience the happiness of walking down the aisle on that special day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing my friend’s get married; we even spent months after the wedding looking back through the wedding photos that had been taken from someone similar to Olga Topchii Photographer to relive all of the happiness that we shared on that day. That is why I couldn’t wait to experience my own wedding day!

But in all that dreaming, you never quite anticipate how many emotions would flit through the day:

Sadness and tears…

A massive wave wee bit of anticipation….

…and laughter, sure…

…but laughter at a somewhat inappropriate time?

Like the exchange of the rings?

Not so much.

Let me back this up a bit and state, for the record, that while I am many things, I am not a giggly girl. I’m not the type who might snicker and snigger through one’s vows. I’m wound way too tight for that…(ahem).


When that moment came during the vows where we exchange rings, I looked lovingly at the Hubs and slid the ring on his finger…

Or tried to. Because at his second knuckle, it stuck.

I pushed a little harder, but no luck. It wasn’t going to cooperate. Father Al looked at me as if to say “well, get a move on”. The Hubs gave me a curious look, clearly ignoring the mental signals I was shooting at him giving him to PUSH HIS FINGER INTO THE DAMN RING. (If you’ve ever tried to put snug socks onto the feet of an unwilling 3 year old, you have an idea of what was happening.) And so I giggled.

Maybe it was a snigger.

And then Father Al looked at me again, a bit impatiently questioningly this time. I gave the ring another shove, muttering under my breath “it won’t go on”. (How very elegant and bride-like, eh?) . The Hubs’ hand moved a bit, but the ring? Not so much.


To this day, I don’t actually remember if I grabbed his hand and quite un-delicately *shoved* that sucker on, or if I just left it there to let him push it on the rest of the way.

At the end of the day, it WAS on his finger, so I supposed it doesn’t matter. Perhaps excitement and sheer giddiness blocked it out like it did with the words of his lovely proposal. Every other moment of that day was so magical, so blessed – I can honestly say IT was the happiest day of my life*.




*And not because I took the first last only best photos of my entire life either. But maybe a little. (My makeup artist and photographer were worth their weight in GOLD. Gold, I tell you….)

And you know what?

In the end, the ring went right where it belonged.

By the way, the amazing, magical photography is the work of the priceless Susan Ryan Photography.

Worth every single penny….

* * * * *

This post was inspired by one of this week’s Writer’s Workshop prompts: an inappropriate time to laugh.

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  1. sounds like you really enjoyed your wedding, and that’s what’s important

  2. Love reliving that great day…but you could have photoshopped me and my double chin out of that one picture!

    • I’m sorry, I know how much you hate that picture..but it’s one of my favorites! (and if I could photoshop anything, don’t you think I’d look 10pounds lighter with no circles under my eyes in any other post on the blog?)

  3. Your wedding pictures are beautiful and it sounds like you had an amazing day, ring snafu and all. I remember when I laughed inappropriately during my cousin’s christening-my family was furious with me!

  4. Glad I read this! Now I know I wasn’t the only bride to inappropriately giggle at her own wedding ceremony! Mine happened at some point while were supposed to be kneeling & praying; for some reason I had to giggle, maybe at the simple thought that, “Oh hey! We’re getting married!” Our photographers even snapped a shot for posterity. 😉

  5. Have you tried putting your foot on his face while you tried to shove that ring onto his finger? 😛

    The photos are so sharp and professional, awesome! 🙂

  6. This made me laugh. How very sweet and cute and yes, inappropriate. I think though, these are the best parts of weddings for me, those candid moments you kind of see the bride and groom as REAL people and not just, you know, a show. Sometimes the realness of the people can get lost in all the make-up and clothes.

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