I Hope He Was Only Expecting Coal in his Stocking

Yesterday Boo and I messed around with the Photo Booth app on my Mac. After a while, he peered at the screen, critically eyeing my image and particularly, my hair.

“Mom, remember when your hair was short?”

“I do, Boo.”

“It didn’t look so nice then.”

* crickets chirping *

* * *

* * *

Um. Okay, thanks for that.


That was harsh, don’t you think?


  1. Jim McCarrens says

    I am your Dad ….I think your hair looks great anyway you cut it,

  2. The thing about boys is………………………..they tell you what they think.

  3. I liked it shorter. Like it long too.

  4. I liked your short haircut. He’s a boy, what do boys know.

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