The Gallery: A Happy Memory

My recent “9/11” post ended on a positive note, as does this week’s Gallery theme, as so eloquently described by Tara at Sticky Fingers that I can only quote her:

“So as the world marks 9/11 let’s look for the good. Let’s shine a bright light.

This week’s Gallery theme is: A Happy Memory.
It’s as simple as that.”

And it is as simple as that….

and what could be happier than the Happiest Place on Earth? (that’s Disney World, for those of you who are not easily swayed by marketing ploys in the know…) Well, I’d have to say it is a Disney Cruise ship sailing the Med. I mean, really: good wine, good pasta, and oh, dear – the gelato? And no long lines, at the end of which you discover your coaster mad 5yo is too short to ride….

Speaking for all four of us, we did make some truly happy memories on this trip:

Like making new friends in Barcelona…


Watching the ship maneuver as it docks in each port….

Convincing Peter Pan that you are NOT a woodland fairy, you are dressed just like Princess Tiana…

Saying a little prayer in one of the strangest churches you’ve ever seen…

(And no, they are not this angelic…)

Swimming in the French Riviera…Oooh la la – French pebbles!

Or just clowning around with Donald….

Boo was so excited for the chance to wear his tie, it was ridiculous.

He does look rather smart, though….

Did I mention the gelato?

We all had fun exploring in Rome…

And walking through Cinque Terre.

Amazingly, every little detail was pretty much magical…

…right down to the ketchup. (It was pirate night!)

Ok, so some of these photos aren’t perfect, perhaps poorly focused at times, but I still love them. It was the first really long trip with no naps (even though mom and dad needed theirs), where we found something EVERYONE enjoyed, where we had time together as a family, and where the grownups had time alone, too.  We swam, we ate, we hiked, we ate, we took pictures, we learned, we explored…we ate…did I mention the gelato? There is no such thing as too much gelato.

We made most excellent memories.








  1. Lovely post! It made me a little misty (where is that onion?!)… what great memories and not just this trip, but the memories you are all making daily in your life abroad!

  2. Cripes I want to be on that ship! That looks like possibly the best holiday ever!!!!! Off to look at Disney website now to see how much we’ll have to remortgage. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today too. Nice to meet you 🙂

    • I only had to sell my firstborn…but he doesn’t become property of the Mouse until he’s old enough to legally work. Those boats don’t run on pixie dust, you know!

      I’m still waiting for the cabin steward to come and make the beds, clean the baths, and for someone to bring me a damn Pina Colada!

  3. Slight obsession with gelato going on but lots of lovely things too including beautiful children

    • Not a slight obsession with Gelato but a pretty huge one…but it is delicious AND the sugar boost is a savior when the kids’ energy is flagging.

      And the kidlings read “Olivia goes to Venice” before we went (even though we didn’t go to Venice) and that book drove their obsession.

  4. That looks like such an awesome holiday. I can’t wait until my little one is old enough for a tour of Europe 🙂

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