A Brief Question for a Tuesday Morning

It’s only 8:30 on the second day of school, and already, I’m eyeballing the Baileys.

Has it ever crossed your mind that the tantrums you endure could be a harbinger of something worse to come?

Like being killed in your sleep, suffocated by a stuffed unicorn named Pinky?

Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I need more Bailey’s coffee.

You can go about your day now…


  1. 🙂

    I know this does not work for most people, but it does for us – the kids go to bed around 7 or 7:30 and as a result are up before 6:30. That gives them over an hour to get ready for school and the more time they have in the mornings, the less of a fight it is to get everything done on time.

    • She does go to bed at 7:30, and is up around 7 – 6:55, today, and on her own, no less! (Otherwise, the dog is sent in to rouse her – any humans are greeted with shrieks of anger.)
      Alas, the “more time available, less of a fight” does not apply in our house.

      Actually, the reality is a corollary to Parkinson’s law (“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”):

      “meltdowns will occur to fill the time available”

      “Her” goal is to be ready by 8:30. Today we ran out of the house at 8:47. Thankfully, the school bell rang late today. Guess I need to go back to the “if you are ready by 8am, you can watch cartoons” carrot…..

  2. Jenn, Have you read any Jennifer Weiner?? This reminds me of “Certain Girls,” which I just finished. I think you would relate to mother and daughter. Get a copy!!

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