The Gallery: Shoes

I love shoes.

I love shoes nearly as much as I love handbags (but that is another post).

Shoes always fit, no matter how many full-fat lattes you’ve had. They stick with you through the fat jeans and the skinny jeans. They can dress up one outfit, and dress down another. They can add new life to an old outfit.

They can feel like old friends. *gazes dreamily at the website and wishes they were in the UK*

With fall approaching and the temperature dropping already, I’m pretty ready to pack up all my sandals and pull out my tall boots (for looks) and my Uggs, tall and short (for warmth).

However, there is one pair of shoes in my closet that I really, truly love.

My glitter Chucks.

Aren’t they purty?

They are comfy. They *sparkle*.

They are JUST what this girl needs to perk up her spirits after one too many a gloomy fall afternoon.

I mean – c’mon – don’t they make you smile?

The theme for week 73 of the Gallery is, of course, “Shoes”.  Now, pop on over to Tara’s blog,”Sticky Fingers”, grab your coffee or tea, and sit back and enjoy browsing through more entries to The Gallery.


  1. So pretty and sparkly yet so comfy, must be the perfect shoe! Lovely x x

  2. Really, Jenn? Could you see me wearing a pair of shoes like that? Now remove the sparkles and make them any color but pink and now you’re talking.

  3. First time I have actually heard someone actually explain the shoe thing. Sparkles are always good

  4. Very nice 🙂 I have a bright yellow pair with the similar magic power to lift my mood in an instant.

  5. I want glittery shoes…where they from? x

  6. Love, love, love, love, love, love and LOVE.

  7. oooh love those, very sparkly x

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