The Literal Preschooler, Part 2

So I’ve discussed previously how literal Sam can be. (I am not going into how he is also obsessing about the police coming to get him, and the constant questioning of whether a specific action will make the police come – I’m beyond my limit with that line of queries.)

This past week in school, his class discussed GERMS. What they are, what they look like, how they make you sick. Also how you shouldn’t put your fingers in your mouth, etc. The upside of this is that Sam is now OBSESSED with washing his hands – before meals, after using the bathroom, after meals – all the stuff you usually might struggle with in a 4 year old boy.

The downside of this is that Sam is now OBSESSED with washing his hand….and moreso when he forgets, or does something that can spread germs – like when he is eating lunch, licks yogurt off a finger, and then freaks because “Mommy, I put my hand in my mouth.” Oh, the poor boy!

Added: The irony of this? My typically very healthy boy catches a 24-hour bug somewhere and gets very sick, very quickly, enough so to miss a long awaited birthday party.

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