If it Makes Me Hip, Does My Hybrid Makes My Butt Look Big?

As someone who never learned to drive a manual transmission*, driving an automatic car in the UK could be a costly undertaking, what with petrol (that’s gasoline to my American peeps) running about £3.60 a litre.

That’s right, a litre.

(You do the math, my whiny American friends – that works out to roughly (mumbling)…3.69 litres to the gallon times 1.34 a liter…so £4.95…(mumbles)….but that’s pounds…so…about… $8.05 a gallon.)

A GALLON, people.

However, it really wasn’t enough to motivate me to learn to drive a stick-shift. It’s the whole shifting-with-the-other-hand thing while clutching with the same (left) foot.

A Right brain/left brain issue. Whatever, I can’t do it.

So I drive a Prius.

A shiny red Prius, so that people can see me coming on gloomy, rainy days (no blending into the landscape for me).Mostly because it is SO quiet, people don’t hear me coming.

But that car also gets about 52 miles to the gallon – in town – so I can’t complain.  Although, I WILL complain about the fact that the car measures fuel economy in “MPG”, but I buy petrol by the litre

What I didn’t know – and I’ve been driving one for TWO years – was that it was HIP to drive a Prius.

Will Farrell drives a Prius.

(At one point in time, at least) J-Lo, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt drives (drove) one*.

Even Leonardo diCaprio drives one.

Photo from TMZ










(Oh, look. He pumps his own gas, even.)

Of course, today I read that my car twin Leo bought a NEW Hybrid.

A $100,000 Fisker Karma hybrid.

Just where, exactly, do you drive a $100K car that you could EVER recoup the cost in fuel savings?


Granted, it looks a hell of a lot sexier than the Prius (no offense, baby). And if anyone has the money, Leo does.

Either way, the bottom line is that it makes me feel rather hip and green. Hip. Wait. It doesn’t make my butt look big, right?

I guess, even if it does, I’ll keep my Prius, thank you. (You can buy a LOT of shoes with the difference in car prices.)

Until I move back to the States, and feel completely claustrophobic on the road, swarmed by GMCs and Jeep Cherokees and Land Rovers and mini-vans.

*according to TMZ, at least. And you know THAT is real news reporting there, baby.


  1. Hi and thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. And thanks for the info on where to post my link for the “Writing Prompt.” 🙂

    Here in the states, there are lots of huge vehicles on the road. :O Kind of scary if you drive a small car. Soon, people might be driving silos… just kidding! 😛

    • No worries – hate to see the blog post lost in the shuffle, as the offical Writers Workshop posts will go up on Thursday!

      As for the US, I know – I used to drive a Honda Odyssey!!!!

      • Hi Jenn! 😀

        Awesome, can’t wait to check it out on Thursday! 😀 Is there a specific time it is posted on Thursdays?

        Honda Odyssey… I wonder if that’s the van my father liked for my mother?

        Take care and have a great day! Later! 😀

  2. In some parts of the States the Prius is very popular and the cars are definitely getting smaller. I’m in Chicago and it might be that parking and gas are very expensive, but there are Smart Cars and Mini Coopers all over the place.

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