The Gallery: Animals

This week’s topic for The Gallery is “Animals”.

Easy, right?


We were also charged with trying to “think outside the box”, and maybe not just post photos of our pets.

Fine. I found so many pictures…let’s just say that I take a lot of pictures…and especially of sheep. I’m surrounded by sheep. When we first moved here two years ago, I was captivated by them. But now… not so much, since at our new place, two sides of the garden back to sheep fields, and my dog is driven MAD by them all day long.

I’m kind of over sheep.

But I have so many other photos….which to choose?

Like the one of the bird that flew down the chimney on Christmas day, and perched at the top of our bookcases? Seeing the Hubs try to catch it/swat it out the door with a broom was a treat…

Or the horse in Vienna that decided that took a liking to Pea (she must have tasted rather nice)…

Perhaps the cow that followed me down the hedge on our field walk this past Sunday, peering at me through the fence…

OR the gorgeous swans that swam right up to us at the Warren last summer while the kidlings were paddling in the river in their pants (which is why I can only post this one, and not the REALLY lovely one, as Boo does not want to be seen in just his pants). I was really surprised they came so close when no one was actually feeding them…

Of course, in the end, I still need to sneak in a photo of Macy – mostly because I forgot how raggedy and shaggy she was before we had her practically shaved for the summer….and because I simply like this photo, despite the shadows caused by the fading afternoon light:

For plenty more photos of animals, head on over to check out today’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers blog!


  1. I think you have spoiled us with some wonderful pics this week. Of all of them, I think I like the cow one best but they are all fab. I used to have a dog like yours too

  2. Oh my! Those are wonderful photos! :O 😀

    OOh, do you have a picture of a lamb? 🙂

  3. they are all lovely photos, and Marcy looks a beautiful dog 😀

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