The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

I’m a simple girl. I have but a few guilty pleasures…

I love handbags. REALLY luv handbags. But handbags, especially my beloved Belen Echandias, are a splurge, a very special treat (even though I have only bought them via their sample sales.)

On a smaller scale, I love to drive (the 18 or so odd, twisty miles) to Starbucks and kick back with a skinny vanilla latte and a treat (like a white chocolate raspberry square – trust me, it’s in there).

But my real guilty pleasure is this:

Curling up in my favorite blue chair

with a (made by me) skinny latte

and maybe a McVites chocolate digestive (preferably dark)

and a good book – paperback, hardback or Kindle, it matters not.

I really like books.

And while there is nothing wrong with reading a book, when I have laundry to wash, clean clothes to fold, a dog anxious for one more game of fetch, a floor to be vacuumed (as there is always a floor to be vacuumed when there is a dog who wants to play outside), curling up with a book does feel like an extravagance.



This weeks theme for the Gallery is, indeed, “guilty pleasures” – what’s yours?

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  1. Sheila Reeves says

    Am totally with you on the dark chocolate digestive (if you have an Aldi near you try their version – brilliant!) still don’t like lattes – far too milky for me!

  2. i love your way of thinking… i ADORE the bookcase… is it yours? (i see a hint of your favourite blue chair so i think that it must be…) i covet such a bookcase… thank you for sharing your guilty pleasures…

    • It Was ours…we were renting the house, and it WAS fabulous. The new house had a piddly one in the office, we dragged it to the living room, but I have at least 3 boxes of books in the in the attic.

  3. Can we drive those 18 twisty miles and sip on lattes together?

    *dreaming of the day*

    • Oh, indeed, girlfriend. The Brits wouldn’t know what hit ’em.

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