This Really Is Leading Somewhere…

Tonight the Hubs looked up from his laptop and commented something (because I was reading and not really hearing him) to the effect of “not much to say? You haven’t posted in a while.”

Rub it in, man.  I confess, I have a writer’s block of sorts.

I have loads of posts in the Draft folder. Loads I tell you.

All unfinished.

There is the post in which I confess to having a truly bad mommy moment. Hell, I’ll admit it, it was a bad mommy afternoon. But I can’t seem to fine tune it.

There is the post in which I sing the praises of B Record Plus, a most amazing energy supplement that got me through my last house move and also my last holiday (during which the Hubs crashed not long after the kidlings did each night, while I wanted to go exploring the ship, but didn’t due to guilt).  I’m not good at reviews, to be honest – and I want to get it right.

I also have a half-completed post singing the joys of my new Crocs. Oh, go ahead, mock me – I know Crocs are a subject for which there seems to be no middle ground –  people either love them or swear to never be caught dead in them (again, not so good at the reviews) but I wear my Crocs toners walking the dog and I wore them tromping around Herculaneum in Italy and I LOOOOOVVE them. Yeah, I have to work out a few kinks in that one.

And of course I need to sort out my trip report. I took over 1,000 photos on my last holiday, and there really are some stunners that I want to share. The thing is, I need to figure out how to do it without coming across like Uncle Ned and his slide projector show of his summer at Yosemite….

And THEN there is the one about how I think I must be allergic to England, because the coughy-congested-lung THING I’ve been fighting for over a year basically cleared up (seemingly completely) while I was in the Med, and came back, at first slowly, and now with a vengeance, as if I haven’t been on an inhaler for two months, basically as soon as I arrived home. Oh, the implications…


I do have a lot to say. I’m just having a hard time with the editing bit, and the more time goes on, the more I’m choking up.

Or that could be the asthma-coughy-lung failure thing. I dunno. Either way, I end up curling up with my Kindle and escaping into a book. Ooh, which is another post I need to do, as I’ve read some doozies in the past…erm…three weeks.

Um…yeah.  So here’s a picture so that you aren’t feeling totally disappointed with this post.



I promise, there are good things in the pipeline.


  1. I’ll take some posts – or even just some pictures – of your “holiday”! I’m loving going back through mine, and you are guaranteed a reader!
    “Next time” (because we’ll all be on another Mediterranean cruise together again in a year or two right?) forget the guilt and leave the hubs and kids and join us for some late night exploring on the ship! I rarely felt guilty – ok maybe a little – dropping Lilly off at the kids club at 10:30 so I could go to the piano bar for an hour!
    And by the way, I’ve been super sick since we got back. Happened last cruise too. I haven’t stopped sneezing in a week.

    • In two years, Pea will be 7 and Boo 9 *falls to the floor* and I hope by then they can stay up past 9pm on occasion without falling to pieces the next day. (I can’t speak for the Hubs….)
      I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for October that they do bring back a Med cruise!!!

      I have some super pics of Lily that I need to send you, too!!!

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Sam, who is the Fish Face with you??

  3. Yes, start with the vacation! I love reading trip reports, and I won’t judge if it’s not perfect. I know, there’s so much to describe it seems daunting, but do it while it’s still fresh. I finally just finished a photo book of our June cruise vacation.

    And I want to hear about the good books. Or just post them on GoodReads (and friend me there).

    P.S. I’m not a big Croc fan for myself (at least not the classic ones that look like clown shoes on me), but I’ll have to check out the toners.

  4. I heard you about the Draft folder….I think it is funny that so many of us would rather post “nothing” than post something we deem “incomplete”

    anyway – always good to hear your “voice” keeping it real:)

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