What To Do On A Rainy Summer Day, or, “Sugar Anyone?”

This morning, as it rained buckets, I wasn’t much in the mood to leave the house, so I baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes. When they had cooled, I set out frosting and pretty much every sprinkle, jimmie and Smartie I had in the house, and told the kids to have at it.


I knew those paper liners that go between the foil cupcake liners could be used for something: I filled them with sprinkles and such that came in a bottle with no shaker lid!!



I suppose I should have supervised a tad bit more closely, as they went a bit overboard, but they sure are pretty!!!


I think I need to find some more rainy day projects, fast, lest the kidlings spend the remainder of their summer holiday in a sugar coma and I put on weight!!


  1. with the summer we’ve had, I’ve become the queen of indoor activities… Today’s adventure – salt dough creations… Blog to come soon!

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