My little family unit is well into the first week of our “Great 2011 Med Adventure” – which I’m thankful we have the opportunity to experience – but I’m finding that the things that are sticking with me the most are the simple things.

The quiet moments sitting on a park bench enjoying the view.


Walking hand in hand with my 5-year old, listening to her chatter about what she sees.


A family dinner, enjoyed at a slow pace because there is nothing to distract us, no pressing chores to do and no urgent need to be anywhere (sorry, Macy-pup, we love you, but your need to pee can cock us up.)

On Tuesday, I had the most amazing lunch. Oh, don’t ask me what I ate, I’m still not sure I could tell you. We ate off a prix-fixe menu in a restaurant in Barcelona – one side of the menu was in Spanish, and the other side…Portuguese, maybe? Usually I can sort out some of it – but this time, very little was familiar. So it started out with a chilled soup (red pepper? pumpkin??), then a risotto (that much I knew ahead of time) with what turned out to be some lamb’s lettuce and what appeared to be summer veggies. This was followed by a couple very thin slices of pork chop in a sauce (gruyere?) and then a pastry roll filled with caramel.

Did I know what I was ordering? Barely, for the waiter spoke about as much English as we did Spanish; the “fish” that the Hubs ordered turned out to be squid. We think. Did it matter? No, for we decided to be adventurous. Certainly took any sense of expectation out of the picture.


(Oh, and this amazing repast? €12.50)

Sure, it’s easy to say you can spend time with your family.

But being able to truly break away and unplug from the insanity that can follow us, and be in the moment well, sometimes that can be more difficult.

But if you can do that, sometimes the true joy can be found in the most mundane, most basic, most simple of moments.


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This post was inspired by a prompt for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop: “the simple things”.
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