What the…the era of my youth is VINTAGE?

Sooo…..this week’s theme for The Gallery on Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog is “Vintage”.

Now, this is something that I really love, but don’t actually own a lot of. We have a lot of antiques…but…they are in storage back in Chicago, so not of much use to me for this post.

And to be honest, these days, what is considered Vintage to some is pretty…erm…disturbing.

Case in point: earlier this spring, I was looking for some ’80’s-themed clothing for a fancy dress party, and so of course I was searching on eBay for inspiration. Now, not only was I shocked to find clothes from my youth labeled as “vintage” – but also some clothes that I would have classified as early ’90’s.

In my mind, “vintage” is something from the 1940’s or 1950’s, perhaps.

But the 1990’s?

I guess, then, that my short wedge haircut and stylin’ fanny pack (that’s a bum bag to my British friends, now stop snickering at the term) could be classified as vintage as well. As could my friend Sue’s aviator frames, or my friend Shirlee’s Wayfarers. Or are those retro? I’m so confused.


Damn, I feel old.

* * * * *

Now, I’m guessing that I’m really stretching here to fit the “vintage” theme, so if you would like to see read some lovely, more appropriate posts, head on over to the Sticky Fingers blog for more of this week’s Gallery posts.


  1. Please please please tell me that those are retro? I can’t cope if the 80’s is vintage, that makes me OLD, I refuse to be old!

  2. Fab photo, made me smile! I think it qualifies as vintage!

  3. Great picture, perfect vintage. x

  4. I think I took that picture. Terrible centering job. And we are not vintage!

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