Little Does He Know….

Today, during our fashionably late Spanish lunch, Boo looked thoughtful as he sampled a slice of Pea’s margarita pizza.

He had already polished off half a bowl of pasta, which he quite accurately described as tasting like “Mimi’s pasta” – or, more precisely, like the sauce from the long closed Len-Rico’s Restaurant in my hometown, which is now sold at another local spot for take-away. (How, exactly, a bolognese made in Spain can taste just like a very specific to my favorite regional (Illinois Valley) sauce is mind-boggling.)

He then commented “if I went to Italy, I’d eat nothing but Spaghetti Bolognese and pizza.”


I cannot wait to see the look on his face tomorrow when we tell him that the “travel down the coast” part of our trip will actually take place on the Disney Magic, and that on that trip we will be calling at the ports of Palermo, Naples, Civitavecchia and La Spezia Italy!!!!

More to come….

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