A Morning in Barcelona, or How I Nearly Missed The Big Picture

We started our day with a visit to what must be Barcelona’s most famous building, the Sagrada Familia. Work on this Roman Catholic church began in 1883 and is still ongoing – a point with which Boo was extraordinarily impressed (but any building surrounded by tower cranes is a sight to behold, at least in his eyes…)

We all had audio guides, and the kidlings had a version just for them. Which sounds like a good idea…


…until you are stopped 11 times with “Mommy, where is the ____?”. Which you cannot answer, as you have a completely different version and so the questions Pea was asking made no sense.

After five attempts to figure out what she was supposed to find – including stopping an information dude inside the church to ask “where is the dog under the table?” (to which you get a blank stare, a befuddled look, and a “I have no idea” all in one minute) – she finally looked at me and said “why don’t I pretend I found the dog under the table?!”

Which sounds like a sensible idea, until you realize you still need to figure out where in the church the audio guide is describing so that you can move to the next station.

(It turned out that she never should have been inside the church yet. While the rest of us were on station 6 already, she was still outside the doors!!)

In the midst of my own (internal) strop* it does occur to me that she is really engaged with what she is hearing, and I take a deep breath, borrow her headset until I have a clue where she should be standing, and head there. Amidst my annoyance that I can’t follow on my guide, either, I was selfishly missing the bigger picture in which my little sponge was featured. It was such a lovely opportunity for her to learn, as she really wanted to “play” along with the audio guide, but she couldn’t because the very first station tripped her up.

*note to self: “Christ on a crutch, Pea” is not an appropriate retort in general, let alone in Church. Just saying’…

In the end, I found my son (who gave up on the children’s version and was listening to the adult version, as the children’s headsets had both), swapped him headsets, and listened along with Pea.

So, while I didn’t learn much about Gaudi’s inspirations in the shapes of the columns or colors in the windows, I did enjoy looking at them with my daughter.

They really were breathtakingly beautiful and inspirational.

Just like her.

Check out some images from our wonderful exploration of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.








  1. lovely post! she is a darling isnt she! went to bracelona with hubby before we were married and loved it!

  2. So glad they can enjoy all the beautiful things they are seeing.

  3. Gmom Phyl says

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. It IS an incredible place, isn’t it??

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