I Didn’t Run The Mum’s Race at Sports Day (And I’m Proud of It.)

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone who knew me in grade school – or high school  – that I am not an athlete.

I am a bookworm. I can read lightning fast.

But run the 50-yard dash?


The only time I run willingly is if I’m caught in the rain.

Or if a beast is chasing me.

I’m slow. My husband says I run flat footed.

I have no hand-eye coordination (to such an extent that a few beers typically improved my aim when playing a game of darts.)

I am NOT competitive.

Which is why I chose to NOT run in the Mother’s race this year; there are plenty of mums who WANT to run. So I let them. And stayed out of their way.

Go ahead, judge me. I don’t see it as being a spoil-sport, not wanting to embarrass myself for my lack of any natural athletic ability. (Especially since last year, after running at my kids’ earnest goading and NOT coming in last but not first, either, my son came up and said “Mom – you came in last!!!” My efforts were clearly not appreciated.)


It was fun to watch my kids enjoy themselves (and not look stressed out, like I would have been. Did I mention I’ve always been self-conscious?)

Pea is lightening fast, even with her short little legs. She is confident.

But she isn’t über-competitive.

She is just happy-go-lucky. More interested in finding matching leggings to go with her house color of yellow.

My son, however, IS competitive. He has confidence, too.

Which more than makes up for what he lacks in ability.

(He gets that from me. Sorry, dude.)

But he got my smarts, too.*

And in the end, that will take him farther than fast running feet could.

* * * * *

*Thankfully, Pea got some of those smarts too. She’s artsy like me, and has an organized, mathematical mind like her great-grandfather. Or her maternal grandfather. And possibly her paternal grandfather….


  1. yeah, I don’t like to sweat unless I’m actually intending too while working out in the privacy of my own home. well played. 😉

  2. Smart move Jenn. Glad the kids had fun.

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