The Gallery: Have Bags, Will Travel

I love to travel. Love. It.

At least, I did, when I was on my own…or with the Hubs.

Then, we had babies. Traveling with babies can be like traversing the 6th level of hell, especially with babies that are slaves to routine. And, let’s face it, you can’t throw a handful of clothes in a bag and dash. Traveling with babies takes planning. And a lot of suitcases. And a minivan to cart it around in doesn’t hurt.

However, babies do grow up. They become toilet trained. They outgrow the pushchairs; they need less “stuff”.

And right about the same time, we moved to Wales, so all of Europe is just a quick train or plane ride away – and we’re trying to take advantage of this while we are here, as this opportunity won’t last forever.

What has surprised me is how my children’s interests have matured. We aren’t limited to “kiddie” destinations.

They are just as happy wandering around a seaside village

as they are exploring London

or searching for the princesses bedroom at a castle

or visiting landmarks that they’ve read about in books


Oh, sure –  since I’ve had children, the focus of our travel has changed a bit.

(You think?)

We go to Disneyland Paris…and the actual city of Paris might be the side trip.

But to see a look of anticipation like this…

before meeting an object of near-worship

makes it completely worth replacing my novels with sticker albums and markers, or dragging a Trixi the Trunki stuffed with unicorn stuffies and Polly Pockets and a 5 year old atop it  through crowded airports.

Because, at the end of it,

some pretty terrific memories are made.


* * * * * *

Today’s post was inspired by the Gallery theme for this week: “Travel”.

More travel-inspired posts can be found at the Sticky Fingers blog!


  1. Have fun on your trip and cruise. Can’t imagine the looks on their faces when they see the big ears on the ship. Envy you returning to Italy.

  2. Gorgeous post and pictures! 🙂

  3. I love your post! I did not find it difficult travelling with my girls when they were little, but I can relate to Disneyland Paris! I have seen THAT look too! 🙂

  4. great post and lovely phtoos, for a look like that I really need to find away to take mine to disneyland

    • honestly, she was giddy with excitement – we were waiting for the ridiculously expensive Princess lunch (ridiculous considering how she was too excited to eat).
      To see all the princesses come to her table -without the insane pushing in the rest of the park – and actually spend time talking with her was worth every penny.
      (And it was the absolute best meal I had there.)

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