Dear So and So

Dear Pea:

Thank you for cooperating and not dawdling or fussing so we could get you to school at such an early hour (for you) to meet the bus (which still wasn’t there 15 minutes later.). Wish every morning could be like today!!!!

Love, Mommy

* * * * *

Dear Mother Nature:

Please give our lovely school kids a break and, if you can’t make the sun shine at least give them a break from the rain? They’ve been looking forward to this beach trip all year and for some of them it’s the only time they see the ocean.


A Hopeful Mom

* * * * *

Dear Tummy:

You are so not swimsuit ready. We’re not happy with you – you make the rest of us look bad.


Jenn’s Other Bits

* * * * *

Dear Fatty:

Get off your arse and go turn on the Wii. You leave on holiday soon and time’s a-wastin’!!!!!


Your Tummy

* * * * *

That’s it for this week as I’ve got to put down the iPad and Zumba!!!
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  1. I got a lot of giggles from your last 2 letters. I do wish every school day was met with absolute cooperation from the kiddos.

    • I’d settle for partial cooperation at the mo’. Actually, it’s not about cooperation here. It’s simply about Pea living in the world we live in, and not in her own little happy corner of the universe in her head, when she is getting ready for school. Seriously – 45 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal, a drinky yogurt, berries, and a Frube. (She does love her yogurt.) And since she doesn’t eat much at lunch (picky eater) I NEED her to eat a big brekkie. *sigh*

  2. Sheila Reeves says

    Are you using the Wii Zumba? I have tried it a few times and just get really frustrated with the presenter – or maybe it’s just that I have zero co-ordination. Maybe I should just stick to the Wii Fit

    • I am using the Wii Zumba – but I keep going back to the instructional bit (which makes me work a sweat) due to MY coordination. I’ve been using Just Dance, actually. I need to go back to Wii Fit, but haven’t gotten the energy.

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