Tired Mom seeks Energy Boost: meet B Record Plus

I was recently given the opportunity to trial a new energy drink, B Record Plus.

Now, typically, I avoid energy drinks, as, despite the amount of caffeine I consume on a daily basis, energy drinks typically leave me shaky (and later crashing harder than a blind man in a bumper car.)

However, B Record Plus was described as a ” liquid food supplement that’s been developed by international pharmaceutical company sigma-tau to provide sustained intellectual and physical energy for run down people.”

More importantly to me, it was described as having a sustained effect (so no quick high and subsequent hard crash), no caffeine (key) and has naturally occurring ingredients. A peek at the label includes Vitamin B12 (helps your metabolism and your nerves), L-Carnitine (does something scientific sounding to your fatty acids so they can be turned into energy), and four amino acids:  L-Glutamine, L-Serine, L-Theorine and L-Arginine (all good for the central nervous system).

Basically, it kicks your metabolism into gear. Now that, I can use.

I was recovering from a busy week with family in town for the Hay Festival, I’ve been fighting an exhausting cough for months (which turned out to be a chest infection) and I was getting ready to move house in a week. Did I need help?

Heck, yes.

Did it work?

It did. And not only did I have energy (it wasn’t as if I was feeling like Wonder Woman – I just felt, well, normal, when I should have been bone-achingly exhausted), mentally I felt clearer than I had in ages.

The taste of B Record Plus was surprisingly pleasant; the toughest part was remembering to take it on an empty stomach, because I’m pretty scattered in the mornings. The other really important part (and the only part that needs more attention, packaging wise) is to open the bottle properly.

The instructions are in a pictorial format:

See that first box? That is the most important bit – turning the cap clockwise opens this little compartment in the cap that contains the powder that you are shaking into the liquid in the 2nd box. The first time I took B Record Plus, I didn’t turn it far enough to the right – only my adopted packaging geekiness (since my husband is in packaging) made me look more closely at the bottle when I’d opened it to discover that there was indeed something in the lid that looked important. This was easily remedied, however, as I popped the cap back on, turned it HARD clockwise, shook it to mix, and then anti-clockwise to open, and I was back in business.

And when the move was over, and my days calmer, I bought another two boxes of 10 from Amazon.co.uk  as I was really, really curious to see how I feel when I’m not bone-achingly exhausted.

So how did they work?

Wonderfully!  I packed those bottles up, and I took them with me on holiday as we headed off to Barcelona to spend a couple of days sightseeing  – before we sailed away on a jam-packed 10-day Disney Cruise in the Mediterranean. The trip was extremely port intensive (we walked miles in heat we were unaccustomed to) and the days were long. By 9pm, the Hubs was sacked out in bed, along with the kidlings. Me? I could have kept going (but I felt guilty wandering the ship alone). Next time, I won’t feel so guilty, but I will bring along the B Record Plus.

In the interest of disclosure I was provided with a 10-day supply of B Record plus in exchange for an honest review, and I bought the second supply on my own. There was no compensation for this post.

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