Summer Fete Loot and A Lesson Learned

It’s nice to discover that some of the concepts that you drill via consistent harping instill in your children stick.

In the course of our recent move, the playroom underwent a serious purge (the extent of which still has not been realized by my kids. Yes, I AM that mean).  The amount of toys they had was ridiculous (a point driven home when a delivery person looked into my playroom and asked if I was a child minder.) Embarrassing.

The bottom line delivered to my children was that there was so many toys that there would be NO room for anything new from Santa come Christmas time. They did well thinning out the piles. But how well had they learned their lesson?

It was proven at their primary school summer fete this past Saturday.

Like many school fairs, I’m sure, ours had a toy stall, the toys being all the unwanted crap that other mothers managed to convince their children to get rid of. Now, I realize that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but this is accurate only when the latter gets to PICK from the discards of the former.

Not when you draw a ticket from a bowl.

Boo “won” a baby’s toy telephone, which he promptly pawned off on Pea and then conned his dad into giving him a pound to win something for himself (which turned out to be Power Ranger action figures, something else he doesn’t play with.) Pea was given a proper chance to “win” a toy for herself, and ended up with a baby’s toy car – and then spent 20 minutes finding two babies to whom she could give both toys! (Success. Two unwanted toys down.)

I was so proud of her.*

But for Boo, the bigger disappointment was that there was something else in the pile that he REALLY wanted – a toy double-neck guitar.

Did he need it? No. Would he USE it?

Yes. And that is another point I had driven home – only the toys that they play with they could keep.

He really, really wanted the guitar, and at the end of the day, as the table was cleared of toys and only a few remained, the bright orange guitar sat lonely amidst a pile of bereft stuffed animals.

At this point, tickets were 3 draws for £1, so I gave him £2 and told him to have at it.  His teacher was manning the booth (which clearly had more toys than tickets) and discovered that there actually wasn’t a ticket in the bowl for the guitar. One of Boo’s tickets won him a little stuffed pink elephant; the second won him a pretty scary doll – and there was no prize matching the number of the third. His teacher looked at him conspiratorially and said “do you want to swap?”

Needless to say, the other two prizes were left on the table, tickets discarded (and now you know why there was probably no ticket for the guitar….). He left with that guitar slung around his neck.

And I have one very, very, very happy little rocker at home.

*Don’t worry about Pea getting left out…in the way of the crap draw at the toy stall, Boo’s best bud won a brand new doll, and another friend won a My Pretty Pony, both of which were happily  passed on to Pea.

Which Mean Mom will probably donate for the Christmas Fair.


  1. Glad to see the stage found a new home along with the mike.

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Lenny and the Train Rockers back in business!!

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