The Family That Jumps Together

There was much rejoicing at our house yesterday – the trampoline has been reassembled in its new garden.

And not by me this time.

No siree bob.

It was put together by the Hubs. On his own.

And I didn’t even hear any swearing! (At least, not from where I stood. Far, far across the lawn.)

When we got it, it was one of the best trampolines on the market so it should last us a long time!

The garden doesn’t look quite so…lonely…now. Our last garden was this gorgeous, wild explosion of plants, flowers and trees. It was hilly, and had lots of lovely hiding places for hide-and-seek. This new one?

It’s large.

It has three small trees. It’s flat.

It has gorgeous views across the fields.

That we can see better when we jump.

My kidlings love the trampoline because it’s just so fun. I think that making the choice to buy your child a trampoline online can be great and give your family some extra enrichment.

Not just for the children too – I love the trampoline because it wears them out completely even though it makes me wee it’s good exercise because it’s just so much fun.

But mostly – I like that massive beast of a trampoline because we have spend some wonderful time together on it.

And that is good.


  1. you made me laugh out loud with the wee comment! beautiful pics. we too are a jumping together family! its fab isnt it! (see my circus tent posts!) your kiddies are just beautifulxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow Amazing post it is!
    Jumping on trampoline is really a great fun activity which increases our happiness double. Your post makes me excited to see my kids doing this.

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