Dear So and So – In Which I (Mostly) Give Thanks

Dear Macy pup,

If you empty out one more of my herb pots into the middle of the garden, I’ll…I’ll…well, I really don’t know what I’ll do to you, but there will definitely be no more belly rubs for you.


The lady who walks you, feeds you and spoils you

* * * * *

Dear Trampoline,

I will not be assembling you this time, as my blisters (from taking you down) have finally healed. Please talk to whoever lives in the hedge – if there are any faeries in there, they are hired, because right now, that’s the only way you’re getting put back together again.


A Disgruntled Owner

* * * * *

Dear Trevor at Thinking Slimmer,

Thank you for that golden voice of yours. I’d listen to you read the phone book, seriously.
If only I could stay awake for the whole slim pod…but it must be working, because I’m feeling better about myself.

A Thinking Slimmer Groupie

* * * * *

Dear Hubs,

Thank you, thank you, for being so lovely and letting me go to London for the weekend – and for tidying up the garage AND for doing the laundry while I was gone.

It’s good to let my kids miss me for a day or so (and vise-versa).

Your Grateful Wife

* * * * *

Dear Kat,

Thank you for bringing me the biggest bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing I have ever seen (either side of the pond) – for which we, especially Pea, appreciate. Thanks also for the Secret deodorant – for which, I’m sure everyone else appreciates, too! I had great fun hanging out with you this weekend!!!

Grateful American Friend

* * * * *

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  1. I am glad you enjoy your gifts!!

    I really should look into this slimpod thing…

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