The Gallery: My Weekend

As you may know, I spent this last weekend in London attending the Cybermummy conference. Not that you could tell from my photos. I barely have any.

This, coming from the gal that bought a Canon G11 point-and-shoot to keep in her handbag simply because toting around the big DSLR in my handbag was putting my shoulder out of whack. I take photos all the time, and everywhere.

I’m obnoxious that way.

Then again, you won’t hear me saying “Good golly gosh*, I wish I had my camera right now.”

*actually, if you EVER hear me say good golly gosh, well, just shoot me.

But I digress….

I’ve gotten lazy. I haven’t pulled out my baby, my good camera, in ages. Sitting in Jay’s photography workshop, well, I got a virtual kick in the backside. No, she probably didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know, but she did remind me that I probably rely too much on tweaking an ok photo rather than spend the time getting a great photo. She also reminded me how much I miss taking pictures.

In the end, my weekend was about learning, and insight – perhaps not what I thought – but there was much to learn about myself. Or maybe just be reminded of.

And as I sat at Paddington Station, juggling an oversized, overstuffed suitcase, Cybermummy tote bag, cup of coffee and onion bagel, contemplating all of this…I saw this.

And this.

And then, I pulled out my camera, which felt right in my hands once again.

* * *

This week’s Gallery theme is, maybe not so obviously, “My Weekend”.

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  1. Such great pictures, wish I could capture things like this!

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