And Away I Go (to Cybermummy!)

Tomorrow morning I’m off to London for the Cybermummy conference.

I SHOULD be in bed.

I’m not. I’m too excited.

I’m also a tad bit nervous. (Ok, a lot.)

I’ve been to London on my own. But this is different. This is a blogger conference. I’m going to have to MINGLE.

No hiding behind my laptop. (Did I mention I’m far wittier from the safety of my laptop, and with the benefit of the “Delete” key?)

I AM really, really excited for the opportunity to meet some of the other bloggers who I stalk follow. I couldn’t make it to BlogHer yet again (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for NEXT year) so I was especially delighted to be able to attend Cybermummy. (Even though I’m kind of a cyber mommy.)

I’m especially glad for the opportunity to go to Baby Baby’s Meet, Greet and Eat dinner tomorrow night – it will be a nice way to finally meet a few bloggers who I’ve been tweeting with and hopefully give me some courage. (That, or the Vodka and Tonic will.)

Don’t ask me what I’m going to wear. I still haven’t officially decided yet. (Did I mention that I am horrendously indecisive when I’m nervous?) It doesn’t help that most of the 15 pounds recently lost apparently came from my chest, only, and nothing in my closet fits properly – even some of the newer things I bought. In desperation, I threw a bunch of things onto the spare bed to pack tomorrow (I don’t iron, so it’s a weak attempt to avoid wrinkled clothes.) Let’s just say that I upgraded my suitcase size.

It took me until tonight to update my Twitter profile – the one I’ve had up had short hair, and mine is shoulder-length now, not helpful if anyone actually wants to find ME.

If you’re headed to Cybermummy, please come find me and say hi. I’ll be the one nervously edging up to the registration table.

More to follow….


  1. You’ll do great. Have fun and enjoy your weekend away. Are you going to Harrods?

  2. I’ll see you at the expat meet-up! Hope you enjoy the day.

  3. Sorry I’m so late getting here, it was really lovely to meet you and I wish we’d had more time to chat x

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