I’ve Got To Move It, Move It

Alas, I have been AWOL from my blog.

At least, in the actual writing and posting. (The posts I’ve written in my head? Too numerous to count.)

I wish I had a proper excuse, but I don’t. The reason for my absence that I can offer is that last week I moved. It was only about 1/2 mile or so, but the amount of work was the same. There was the packing, the move, and the unpacking. I had a few days with no internet. Or my Macbook.

I did not sit down for 10 days.

I lost nearly 5 pounds.

*I would NOT recommend it as a method of weight loss*

I have blisters from taking down the trampoline, paper cuts from ripping open boxes, and a sore back from lifting too-heavy book boxes.

I’m in dire need of a manicure.

But I’m done.

Mostly. (Don’t look in the office. There are still two boxes of toys in there for which I have to find space. The charity shop is looking pretty good….)

In the meantime, I need to put up some much belated posts. Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Glad you are finally done. Send me some pictures.

  2. Sorry to hear about this…you need to rest. Take your time and we will wait here patiently.
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  3. I was wondering when you’d be back online. Post pictures of the new house soon!

  4. Kate and Mark says:

    We just wanted to wish you all the very best in your new home and to say how very much we’ve enjoyed your blog. It really helped to keep us in touch with the Welsh borders while we’ve been in Australia. Thanks again, and we hope you’ll all be very happy in the new (draught proof) house! Kate and Mark

    • Thank you for providing us the opportunity to stay in your lovely home! This one might be less drafty, but I already dearly miss that big range and even more the shower in the master bedroom (no working showers here – Pete is finding that a bath at 5:45 am does not have the same wake-up effect as a proper shower!

      Looking forward to getting together for a coffee (or margarita) on your return!

  5. Gmom Phyl says:

    To Kate and Mark, I loved visiting your charming Barfield and will miss it and the Dingle. I wish you many more happy times there, with a teenage son??
    Jenn, who assembled the trampoline at Crisfield?? I hope I know who did NOT do it. I would hear the swearing all the way across the pond.

  6. Gmom Phyl says:

    Jenn, when do you go to your Bloggers Gathering in London??

  7. Good luck in the new house!

  8. Kate Hainge says:

    Thanks Gmom Phyl, You’re welcome to come and have a cup of tea next time you’re over in Hay!

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