Why I Shouldn’t Read Bedtime Stories when I’m Tired

The kidlings have amassed quite a collection of story books. Of course, I had quite a collection before they were even born, one way of clinging on to an old dream of being a children’s picture book illustrator. (These days I rarely sketch, and if Pea asks me to draw something for her, inevitably, it’s not what she wanted….so…)


Back to the books. We do have quite a few, and it’s a rather diverse lot. Boo, of course, has quite a few dedicated to airplanes, trucks, and trains, and a broad collection of “Sam” books. Pea has the usual amount of Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, and princess-related books. Curious George, Knuffle Bunny, Skippyjon Jones, and Mrs. Wishy-Washy are favorites.  Biscuit has quite a large presence, and we’ve realized that Pea is at a point where she can read these stories to me, now, instead of the other way around. (Not bad for a 5 year old!) Many, many other favorites fill in the spaces in between.


Sometimes, a really annoying book or two lands on the shelves, and they are too well loved by the kids to get rid of. Richard Scarry’s “Bananas Gorilla” tops my list. (I always count the number of times you have to say “bananas” in that book, and I always lose count at about 29…)

Sometimes, they are given a book that is simply poorly written. The Strawberry Shortcake version of “Cinderella” comes to mind. It’s just dreadful.

And. Um. Yes. If you are tired, and you are having a hard time focusing, well, I have a few problems with this book. Aside from the completely annoying overuse of “berry” in place of “very”.

You see, the page announces to Cinderella and her Stepsisters that:

“His Royal Highness Prince Charming is hosting a ball tonight to find the next Berry Princess to tend the royal berry patch.”

*eye twitch*

Cinderella shortly comments “I would take good care of the royal berry crop and help it grow better every day.”


I’ll just leave you pondering that while I hide the Strawberry Shortcake book with the Richard Scarry book.

* * * * *

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  1. Sheila R says

    I still have bad dreams of reading Thomas the Tank Engine stories to y now 21 & 18 year old, as soon as I started the first page I’d be yawning, and nudged in the ribs by a three year old!

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