Fill in the Blank Friday

Another Friday, another week draws to a close.

Thank the good Lord.

(It’s been a really tough week with a certain 5-year old here.)


And while I have some ideas churning in my head, I’m more in the mood to fill in some blanks, and let those ideas cook a bit more.  Many thanks to Courtney at My So Called Denver for jumping in and posting some blanks, since Blogger’s uncooperativeness meant that Lauren was unable to. Thanks, Courtney!!!

And so now it is time to Fill in the Blanks!

1. If I had to use 3 words why I am undoubtedly a Type-A they would be control-freak, perfectionist, and impatient.

2. Something that happened to me in life that initially seemed bad but turned out to be good was moving to Wales. The thought of (1) moving so far away from family, (2) living in such a completely different environment and (3) reading that the adaptability of the children is dependent on the mother putting on a strong front completely terrified me. The reality is that it wasn’t as difficult an adjustment as anticipated, my children are thriving, the school is absolutely fantastic, and I much enjoy the slower pace of life here.  (The distance from family is the only really difficult bit.)

3. Something I inherited from my mom is my need to plan, and then to verbalize them to sort those plans out. We both can discuss/plan/engineer something to death.

4. Something I inherited from my dad is my slightly warped sense of humor.

5. My goal for this summer is to lose a stone. (That’s 14 pounds to my yankee friends, but in my head, a “stone” doesn’t sound quite so imposing.)

6. The best thing about this week is that it is the weekend – and I have two days without a school run (and any accompanying power struggles). *whew*

7. Something I couldn’t give up if I tried is making lists. I’m a compulsive list maker.

* * *

That’s it for this week! How would YOU fill in the blanks?


  1. I would love an opportunity to move overseas…even if only for a few years. Love!

    As for my fill in the blank…I’d like to lose a stone, too.

    • I’m giggling – yours must have been the fastest comment after a post ever! And I have to admit, moving here has been a blessing – we’ve been so fortunate to be able to travel in Europe like we once traveled the Midwest! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I will so admit to overthinking everything. You should be here overseeing Beth and I planning this shower. But Katie has stepped into your place and did our invitations. Now she has to deal with centerpieces. Aren’t you lucky to not have to put up with us on this one.

  3. I love this ‘fill in the blanks’. Moving to England has definitely taught us to be more patient 🙂 XOL

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