The Gallery: Chillin’ Out

I’m a Type-A kinda gal. I probably need to “chill out” a bit more than I do.

When I do need to take a break, my FAV place is my big, comfy chair. Curled up with a book, a cuppa, and a biscuit. Or two. (Don’t judge.)  Add an afghan if its chilly, and maybe the puppy draped over my feet on the footstool.  Perfect.


However, my ultimate chill out (which we won’t quite get this year) is on the beach at the Outer Banks, with a book in hand.

Not the prettiest self-portrait ever, but at that particular moment, I just didn’t care.

Now THAT is chillin’ out.

* * * * *

This is my first time participating in the Gallery, where this week’s theme is “Chillin’ Out”.  Why don’t you go make yourself a cup of tea, settle yourself in and head on over to Sticky Fingers to check out more amazing photographs.


  1. both the chair and the beach look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! and I’d say that the self-portrait is perfect for this post. carefree and everything that OBX inspires!!!

  2. Just found you while browsing this weeks gallery pics. That is one fab beach picture, wish mine looked like that! Nat.

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