I Miss That D*mm Car

I think we all have a story or two to tell about our first car.

But which car: the one I drove when the State of Illinois granted me my first license? That car technically belonged to my mom. It was a little white Chevy Cavalier, in which my Dad had so thoughtfully installed a CB radio. (don’t ask me why; it was before mobile phones were popular and weighed less than 5 pounds, so maybe it was a safety thing.)

Whatever. Along with the CB was a PA system with a speaker under the hood. Cruisin’ on Friday nights had a certain “Mr. microphone” element to it, I will say….


But no. That wasn’t really MY car.

Oh no.

My first car was purchased while I was a sophomore in college. From my 3rd grade teachers parents.

Yes, it was a sweet ride. (not)

It was a 4-door powder blue 1979 Chevy Impala, complete with a crease down one side door (as I liked to say, it was broken in). It had a huge bench seat in front – in fact, it was not unlike like driving a sofa down the highway. It got about 14 MPG (if you had a tailwind). It had a leak in the freon line (remember freon?) but if I filled it up at home, the a/c would last until on my drive to school until just outside of Carbondale – about a 6 hour drive away.

See that plate?

The “FC” stands for “f*kling car”.

It was an apt name for her.

It was, in fact, a tank.

And I loved that car, for all her flaws.


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  1. I had a 1988 Toyota pickup… stick shift with no air. I named him Henry and he was awesome. I traded him in for a newer model with air several years later and I actually cried.

  2. in fact, it was not unlike like driving a sofa down the highway. It got about 14 MPG (if you had a tailwind)…..so hilarious! I feel for ya! I drove a 76′ Volare. Once her gears shifted so when I was in drive the gear said Reverse. So I was driving in Reverse. Fun to trick my friends! The roof liner fell in and I had to tack it up. Oh but the fun memories we made back when driving didn’t include crying, whining, yelling, sticky unknown food stuff (well it had that but not Cheerios!)

  3. I had a 79 Chevy Nova! There were holes in the floor. It was like a Fred Flintstone car. Also I had to stop and get a gallon of gas and a quart of oil any time I wanted to go anywhere because it leaked so bad! Lol

  4. Janet Suarez Ameday says

    And before that our family loved that car. I remember when your dad bought that car for you he said he wanted it because it was big and if you had any kind of accident in it, it would hold up and you weren’t as likely to get crushed in it. Love that kind of logic.

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