Losin’ It

Yesterday was a big day for me. A good day.

See, I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in 3 weeks – I was away on holiday for the first two, and it was a Bank Holiday on the third Monday. I had a lot to face up to: while we DID walk for miles in Vienna, I also indulged on a latte or two each day, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t made with skimmed milk. Oh, and one of those lattes was partaken with a piece of cake.

Lovely cake.

And I didn’t see a proper veggie until the last dinner there. I ate some of mine (creamed cucumbers – lovely, but it was creamed) and all of the veggies on Boo’s plate.

And then I went to the US for a week, and veggies weren’t much more present on my plate. And I ate crap. Which was my fault, but it was just too easy.

And yummy.

Needless to say, I did gain weight. And despite my attempts to eat better last week, I was certain when I stepped on that scale, it was going to show the first gain in months.

I didn’t.

I had lost 1/2 pound – and hit my 10% goal.

I was shocked. And thrilled. And as my lovely, wacky meeting leader gave me a hug, I nearly cried.

And I walked out proud.

I haven’t lost it as fast as I had hoped, but I AM losing weight.

But to be honest? I’m doing it without much sacrifice: I still eat bread (although not as much as before). I haven’t had to cut out dairy or alcohol. I’m not hungry. I still have a latte nearly every day. I’m not spending hours in a gym (although I do walk a lot and work out – occasionally – at home).

I eat loads of fruit and veg, drink lots of water – and I did cut out all most of the crap I eat.

While I may never recover from the damage my two c-sections did to my tummy (no amount of planks or crunches will eliminate the sharpei-like fold) I have lost 2-1/2 inches on my waist. And nearly two on my hips.

Oh, I still have about a stone to go to get to my goal weight.

And while I may never be thin like this again

I will make it to where I want to be.


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    This is really outstanding!!

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