All I Said Was “Pie Hole”

Boo has THE best laugh.


It’s infectious, too.

Really, truly infectious. Always has been. When he was in preschool, his teacher used to tell me that they loved his laugh, but everyone else would start laughing with him, and they’d lose total control of the class…and then have to turn their backs, so the kidlings didn’t see THEM laughing with him.

I love that.



When he gets going, he starts to crack himself up.

It only takes one comment.

Like the time when we were in a cafe, and just as I raised my camera to take a picture of him, he rammed an obscenely HUGE scoop of ice cream into his mouth.

He asked why I didn’t take the picture. I replied “No one wants to see you shoving ice cream into your pie hole.”

Apparently, “pie hole” is the funniest term ever.

And he started laughing.

He could barely breathe, and all that would come out was a sputtering “Pie hole!!!!!”

And then he turned completely red.

Gales of laughter ensued.

Then Hubs started laughing. They both laughed, choking out “piehole”.

And turning redder by the minute.

The both of them.

Clearly, he gets it from his father.



This post was inspired by this week’s “Project We” prompt, “laughter”. I’m really, really hoping that Boo rejoins the Project We party, lest this become “Project Me”.

Not that it isn’t all about me.

I mean, it’s not. But it could be.


  1. Actually… I was chuckling by the time I got to the end of this one… ;D Funny! Now I’m going to look for the next available opportunity where I can say ‘pie hole’ too. Preferably to a child. I think it would be more gratifying.

  2. Sarah Evans says

    I miss you guys…and that laugh! 🙂

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