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I swore I wouldn’t do it again, and here I am.


Do you know why I struggle with it? Beyond the fact that I hate the sound of my voice on video?

I hate the eye-roll and slightly bemused look that the Hubs will give me after he views this post. His last comment was only “Yes, you actually do sound like that.”  I don’t think he gets me, and this blogging thing.

And it annoys me, just a titch.


Mama Kat had posted a bonus vlog question on her writers’ workshop earlier in the week, and while I initially chose (and responded to) another prompt, this one niggled at me.

You can do it.

Go on, try.

So here is the what, where and how of my blogging process, such as it is.

Whatever you think of it, please be kind – no humoring the author, if you would.


  1. Miss Jackie says

    You made me smile. I am just not brave enough to do a vlog or even a blog!

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