Flashback Friday – One Easter Sunday

I will call this Flashback Friday – but really,  two weeks isn’t much of  a flashback (unless you’re Lindsay Lohan and you’ve just had a WHOLE lot to drink…)

Lost blog mojo. Whatevs. I did mention that I’m behind, right? Otherwise, it might seem odd that I’m blogging about Easter two weeks past……

We were in Chicago for Easter this year, and were lucky enough to have my sister and her family come up from St. Louis as well. Of course, Easter morning we had to have an Easter egg hunt.

Unfortunately, it had rained pretty hard overnight, and we were hiding plastic eggs, so the backyard wasn’t looking like a good idea. Inside the house it was.

My sister, ever the practical gal, labels an equal amount of plastic eggs with each child’s name – that way, no one hoards more than their share, it makes the search a little tougher and it lasts a bit longer. I thought it was actually a clever idea. As a parent.

From the standpoint of a 7 year old, it just may suck. I didn’t dare ask.

Another twist for us was the Easter baskets. You see, practical girl that my sister is (and a frequent visitor to the dentist growing up), my nieces and nephews generally don’t get too much chocolate. At Halloween, they have the option of selling their candy booty to the Tooth Fairy for cash, which they can take to Target and spend.

Apparently, the Tooth Fairy pays a visit around Easter, too, because my nieces asked if they could have clothes from Justice this year instead of candy, since they’d have to trade it anyway. (That’s my girls!) Still, it’s not Easter without a chocolate bunny, so I did insist that some small chocolate bunnies were in those baskets.

However, it put me in an awkward spot – I couldn’t fill the kid’s baskets with candy, and I wasn’t going out to buy them clothes, so I made a last minute run to Wal-Mart for a few small toys to put in their baskets. Not the wisest idea, I suppose, when I have a forced playroom downsizing staring me in the face this month.

So those eggs? Mostly filled with Hershey’s Kisses, miniature Peanut Butter Cups – and quarters.

Yes, cold, hard, American cash.

What was most impressive, however, is how patient the kidlings were waiting for the go-ahead signal, when it was quite obvious that there were eggs everywhere.

Did you spot a few eggs in that picture above? We only hid them in 2 rooms, and with 6 kids – and somewhere between 14-18 eggs each – there are only so many hiding places. They had a good time with it, despite the obviousness, and the biggies helped the littlies when they found an egg by shouting out “Found one”.

And of course, Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are a must, along with some orange ones. I don’t care how old you are, or how fussy, they bring you back to being a kid.

After a breakfast of sorts, we all went to Sunday service at our childhood parish, albeit with a different status than we had as children. This time, we were 5 Methodists, 3 Episcopalians, and 3 Roman Catholics. And with the grace of God, the Church did NOT burn down, nor did the roof cave in on our heads.  (That’s not to say that the altar didn’t catch on fire one previous Easter, when we were all newly marrieds. I’m sure that could be attributed to too many flowers, too close to too many candles, but the Hubs and Brother-in-law thought otherwise at the time!)

For me, it was a day of family, of rejoicing – and watching with delight as my nephew displayed extreme concentration as he did some finger bowling.

It was, indeed, a blessed day.

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  1. I think all the kids had a great weekend. Hunting for eggs, playing with cousin Joey and their rides in Papa’s train. Good memories……

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