She Sure Looks Yummy

Travelling to Vienna and being without a proper Wi-Fi connection for nearly a week (I say proper because, theoretically, the hotel had one – it simply did NOT like my Macbook), I somewhat lost my blogging mojo. I am ever-so-determined to get back on track, as I have lovely photos and fun stories to recount.

Oh, behave – I’m not asking you to look at our vacation slideshow, now am I???


On our recent trip to Vienna, we treated the kids to a horse-and-carriage ride around the city. It was lovely – the kidlings were captivated, they were happy, and we all had fun. At the end of the ride, the driver offered to take our picture (and an excellent job he did, too.)

(Look – proof that I was there with the family!!!)

We asked him if we could get one with him, the horses and the children, and he agreed.

However, we never got that shot.

One of his horses thought Pea looked tasty and have her a lick…

Then the other one took a sniff, wondering what the fuss was…

And then the first nudged him out of the way, for one more lick.

And Pea, well, being a fan of horses, she was tickled.

Proof, I suppose, that she really is sweet.

Or that she really is a messy eater and still had breakfast cereal in her hair.

You decide.


  1. Nope, not the cereal… she’s just that sweet. BTW, I went to high school in Vienna, so recognize Michaelerplatz. Horse drawn carriage is a great way to see the inner city. Want to take Shannon and our 6-year-old daughter to Wien sometime and will def do the carriage ride. p.s. I’m not stalking you. Just followed a recent Pinterest link to this post. 😉

    • That was such a wonderful trip. And not just because of all the coffee and strudel we consumed. I think Miss M was about 6 when we went… Thanks for clicking on that Pinterest post!!!!!

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