I’m Not Laughing

The following should be a happy, make me laugh Monday kind of post.

But it’s not. (Sorry.)

Because I’m a tad aggravated.

I have a few clear priorities when I book a hotel: family friendly. Good location. Breakfast included. (when you’re travelling with kids, you REALLY don’t need to sort out a breakfast place, too.)

Oh, and wi-fi.

I am a blogger. My head is teeming – teeming, I tell you – with blog ideas, especially after another full day in Vienna.

I could ruminate on how could all these women possibly stay thin in a land of caffe macchiatos, apple strudel, Sacher tortes and Wienerschnitzel. Seriously, I haven’t seen a veggie since we arrived.

Or, I could talk about a horse licking Pea today (but I won’t, not yet…)

And so on.

Because I’m blogging from my iPhone. My photos, on the other hand, are on my Mac. Which, of course, doesn’t connect to the wi-fi here at the hotel.

It took some random employee with an iPhone 20 minutes to get my phone connected this morning, mumbling in frustrated German the entire time. He was very helpful, but I’m sure he likely was grumbling about the stupid American – at least until his second reboot of their system.

This means that I can’t add more books to the Hub’s Kindle from my account, where apparently they still reside.

It means I can’t upload any photos.

It means I’m annoyed. Don’t they know I’m addicted? Or that my kids are in bed by 8, my husband typically collapsed from exhaustion (not that i blame him, as I’m sure he’s not used to the continuous whine-fest that is my kids outside of their routine).

Or that I don’t speak German, which is inconvenient for watching a little TV at bedtime.

I need to decompress, quite frankly.

So, maybe tomorrow someone can sort out my MacBook. And THEN I can share my adventures.

Until then, you can enjoy a random picture. Because this is all I have to show of Vienna on my iPhone.




  1. I completely understand not having internet service and not being able to download, etc. Extreme annoyance! I’m having a glass of Chardonnay in your honor. And it is irritating however, I hope you enjoy the trip. I hear Vienna is amazing!

  2. Vacation is about spending time together…… so enjoy!!!!!

  3. Jill, you know my kids are in bed by 7:30/8. All I’m asking for is 10-15 min to check emails….

    We’ve had loads of family time, believe me. I’m sure Pete is hammering back a large can of lager, to recoup from the family time!!

  4. Oh I would totally be wigging out too. My advice, in the interim, drown your frustrations in that lovely brew in your photo.

    have fun!

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