Mommy Fail #602

Last week, Boo broke his wrist.

He did this at school, on a Wednesday morning. At first play. About 10 a.m.

I took him to A&E. On Thursday morning. About 10 a.m.

After Pea’s class assembly.

(He made it through the night, didn’t he? What was one more hour? *face palm*)

To be fair, his arm wasn’t swollen. It wasn’t bruised.

Heck, he played outside at school. He even went to the park after school. How was I to know?

Did I mention he’s had a buckle fracture before?

Or that it took us about 2 days before we realized it was broken?

I’ve been down this road before. I should have known better. Kids’ bones are soft and flexible. Hand and wrist fractures are some of the most difficult to see. When your non-complainer* is whining, listen.

*unless he is whining about his sister. Then, the poke she gave him becomes a wallop. The scratch, a near-life-ending incident. *sighs*

In the end, he was very patient with the long wait at A&E. The long wait for the cast. There was some concern when he heard the cast saw start up in the casting room to remove someone’s cast. Some subsequent panic when they mentioned that you cannot fly in a full cast, and they’d likely split his cast next week. With the saw. (His last cast was cut off with a pair of what appeared to be hedge trimmers.)

He doesn’t want his arm cut off, you see. Understandable, but misinformed.

His biggest concern, however, was the fact that he was missing so much school. He would miss more the following day when we took him back to fracture clinic. More still next week when I take him back to get the cast removed (pray for me) and replaced with a splint so it is more comfortable to fly with.

He is also concerned with how he will write at school, but thoughtfully, the girls have all offered to write for him. A thoughtful offer that has momma bear sweating. Girls?

However dreadful I felt, a guilty sweat working up the longer we sat in A&E, the fact remains that kids are like rubber balls. They bounce back.

After we left A&E, now starving, we went to a nearby chinese buffet. Which sounded like a good idea at the time (Boo’s) but was highly impractical, it turns out.

Noodles, you see, are very tricky.

And so we spent that lunch time laughing together;  there was much silliness, as evidenced by the laughs of the patrons around us. That half hour was the most fun we’d had together in a while, because we don’t get much one-on-one time anymore.

Which, in reality is another Mommy Fail – #603. We need to rectify that -without a bone fracture, hopefully.


  1. I have a blog post coming out tomorrow with a product (non-sponsored) that you night be interested in. And yes, if you’re flying, they should put it in a soft cast. My son did this two years ago and the soft cast was OK. Too much experience of all this. Sigh!

  2. Poor kiddo to break his arm again. It’s very cute girls offered to write for him since he won’t be able to.

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