Ali Baba and the Absentee Blogger

Despite my intent to blog on a more regular basis, sometimes life gets in the way.

Last week, that roadblock took the form of a pantomime.

I’m was a nervous wreck, mostly because I’m really struggled with my lines. While I realize that one aspect of the “panto” (as it is casually referred to here – I know my friends back home that sitting confused, picturing white-faced French guys pretending to be stuck in a box) is that there is always quite a bit of ad-libbing on the night of the performance — that doesn’t sit well with a Type-A perfectionist such as I.

I also panicked because the second costume that I needed took far too much time coming together. Time I should have been trying to memorize lines was spent tracking down a costume that I basically (stupidly) needed to put on for the curtain call. Oh, and I had lots of fabric with which to wrap my noggin in some type of turban, but the reality is that the costume change is so fast, I never got it properly wrapped. All that practicing was a total waste of time, as I kept the first turban on.

As it is, the jury is still out as to whether I’m wore a turban, or if I was a brain-injury patient.


I’m still perturbed because in my mostly-straight guy role, (literally, as I played a guy) people keep telling me my part was so funny because I have an American accent.

That’s like saying I’m funny because one ear sticks out more than the other. Which it does, but never mind. It’s something that is part of me, that I can’t control – and frankly, I have no notice of.

Where was I? Ears? No. The Panto.

Needless to say, for the past 6 days weeks, I was focused on nothing but my script. And…ooooh, are those cookies? I’m hungry. A cup of tea would be nice with that….

Um. Yeah. You see the problem here, don’t you?

No focus. Mommy brain. Easily distracted.

And now? I have all my free time back.

And instead, I’m trying to catch up on life.


More in the next post on how the panto went…..


  1. Well, never mind my comment on your other post. Sounds like you already have several different kinds of “shoes”. 🙂

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